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🌱 TIEA341 Environmental pledge

Save nature by learning FP!

The fifth week of the course is hard. To convince you to work earnestly I promise to donate one euro for each credit earned during TIEA341 to nature conservation.

Donations will be given to Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto after the course. The money will come from my own pockets.

I will only count credits given during the course. Special arrangements do not count.

Using this material

This is intended as lecture notes for the course. As such I reserve the right to make any modifications to the material at any point. This means that I can remove, change and even add exercises on the fly. Also, during 2017 I will attempt to rework the material for the course. This means that the material for any given lecture is finalized one week before the said lecture.

However, you can work at your own pace. If I change an exercise you've already done, or add exercises to credits that you already have done, you don't need to revisit them.

Attaining credits

You get credits by completing the course tasks given in the following list. The list is grouped according to the credit level of the tasks and you can choose how many credits you want to earn.

To get credits, you must complete all of the exercise up to the level you want. You also need to answer all lecture questions, either during the lecture or emailing me a written answers (50-100 words/lecture question) within one week of the lecture.

The lectures given in the course are included in the list below. You must try out all the exercises listed before the lecture before attending that lecture.

The lecture videos for earlier course instances can be found on moniviestin.

The hard deadline for returning the exercises is 31.8.2017 (This has been extended). This means that you have extra time to complete exercises you didn't have time for during the course. Remember that you have to attempt each exercise before the lecture.

After doing these exercises, you can continue to the course TIES341 -- Functional programming